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DigiCert Secure Site EV SSL


High-assurance, premier SSL paired with advanced website security features

Validation Type: EV
Issuance: Instant
Reissue: Unlimited
Warranty: $1,750,000
Site Seal: Dynamic
Server Licensing: Unlimited

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Powerful OV SSL encryption issued in just minutes

DigiCert Secure Site EV SSL certificates protect your organization’s most valuable asset: its brand. Extended Validation is the highest level of business authentication available, populating your certificate with your verified business details and building much-needed trust by allowing your customers to confirm your identity. And thanks to DigiCert’s Priority Validation, all the hassles have been eliminated. There’s no waiting around for validation and your certificate to be issued when you get to cut straight to the front of the line. Secure Site EV SSL customers can also deploy the world-famous Norton Secured™ seal – proven to boost conversions by as much as 20%. And to top it all off, you’ll have the CertCentral® Certificate Management Platform to manage your Secure Site EV SSL certificate, along with any other digital certificates you may have on your network. Serious organizations need serious website security solutions and DigiCert Secure Site EV SSL certificates provide that and more.

Assurance & Authentication

DigiCert Secure Site EV SSL certificates boast the highest level of business authentication available. Before issuing your certificate, DigiCert will perform a thorough business vetting to verify your organization’s location, incorporation status and operationality. This takes other CAs up to a week, but with DigiCert Priority Validation it will take just minutes. Then you won’t have to validate again for the next 13 months when requesting a certificate. Your customers will thank you for going the extra mile. Displaying you verified organizational details and the powerful Norton Secured™ site seal will instantly put their minds at ease. And the $1,750,000 warranty and 30-day moneyback guarantee will put your mind at ease, too.

Security & Encryption

DigiCert Secure Site EV SSL certificates go well beyond the security levels required and their additional features go beyond simple connection security. Secure Site EV SSL customers enjoy powerful cryptography, including RSA or ECC public key encryption and symmetric encryption strength up to 256 bits. You also get DigiCert’s vulnerability assessment to help find and remediate any malicious code that works its way on to your website. Best of all, DigiCert’s infrastructure and track record make it universally trusted. So, regardless of where in the world your customers are or what kind of browser or mobile device they’re using – your DigiCert Secure Site EV SSL certificate is guaranteed to work.


Features & Benefits

  • Highest-Assurance Extended Validation (EV) Certificate
  • Displays verified organization information in the certificate details
  • Secures one domain, both WWW and non-WWW
  • Norton Secured™ Seal
  • Priority Validation & Support
  • Installation Checker
  • $1,750,000 Warranty Protection
  • 99.9% Browser and Mobile Recognition Rate
  • Vulnerability Assessment
  • Unlimited FREE Self-Service Reissues
  • Unlimited Server Licenses
  • 30-day Money Back Guarantee!
  • Supports RSA & ECC

Product Specifications

  • X.509 Digital Certificate
  • Extended Validation SSL Certificate
  • Single Domain Functionality
  • Key size: 2048-bit RSA or 224-bit ECC
  • Symmetric 256-bit encryption
  • SHA-2 Hashing Algorithm (256, 384, 512)

Site Seal

Site seals are one of the best ways to send a message to your website’s visitors. When a potential customer arrives on your site and sees a powerful trust indicator like the Norton Secured™ site seal – it lets them know instantly that you’ve been verified and are safe to do business with. Time and time again research has found that the Norton Secured™ seal is the most recognized, most trusted seal online. In fact, it’s even been proven to reduce bounce rates and increase conversions. No other site seal can claim that and still be telling the truth.


The NetSure™ Protection Plan comes standard with every Secure Site EV SSL certificate. If the EV information and the Norton Secured™ seal are for assuring your customers. The NetSure™ Protection plan is for assuring you. If anything ever goes wrong with your Secure Site EV SSL certificate, you’re covered for up to $1.75 million in damages. DigiCert has an unblemished track record – it’s never even gotten a parking ticket. But it still confidently backs all of its products with massive warranties for its customers’ peace of mind.